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People are talking far and wide about their charters with Capt. Ron.  And it's all true!

"If you would like to go and fish for a few big cats, call SANTEE WITH ROUNDHILL. I am sure that you will find his 'Southern Charm',  one to enjoy. After I sat a spell and spoke with him, I saw the potential of having a great friend and angler. After all, the company that he keeps and associates with is also just as good as he!"  " Yard Dog" a quote from the forum on SC Sportsman.com

Hot off the Catfish1 Board

Took my grandson and his dad to spend a day fishing with Roundhill yesterday and what a day we had.
Had a good mess of fish by around 230 and it started to cloud up and the wind picked up. I was just about to get Ron to call it a day when one of the front rods hammered down like it was trying to pull the dam railing off.
You could hear the drag ripping off the reel from the back of the boat. My son in law grabbed it and one helluva fight was on........after about five minutes another rod went down and my grandson grabbed that one and I thought the big fish his dad had tangled another line.
Not so....he had his own 25 lb blue and we got it netted. Meanwhile, the other fish was still fighting and not ready to give up yet. Finally it surfaced and seen the boat and decided to head back down peeling drag and trying to tie a knot in the rod. He fought it back up.
This time Ron got it in the net.....barely.....and it took two people to lift it over the side. A 70 lb blue !
We had a blast as usual Ron and cant wait to go again !



I would suggest that you get a guide for your first trip down there. It can get really rough if there is a good storm. Captain Ron is the best guide on the Santee lakes. You can find him here on the BOC and he's better known as "Roundhill"......If there's fish to be caught then he knows where they are at.!!!!

Roundhill took myself, my cousin, our wives and 2 of my cousin's children out on Moultrie this weekend. The bite was slow, but the Roundhill managed to get us on a 33 and 18 pounder, plus about 12 others. Some of the guide boats got skunked, plus we were the last boat in the first day and doubled the amount in the cleaning tub at Canal Lakes, so the Roundhill REALLY got the job done under tough fishing conditions. The fish were scattered and we caught fish from 11 to 50 feet of water. They seemed to prefer Roundhill's special cutbait - but make sure you are UPWIND if you ever open that bait bag - lol. We all had a great time with a great guide. I'll try and post some more pictures from my wife's camera. What I've tried to post now is the best shot from her cell phone (I'm the guy with the beard). Captain Ron, thanks for a great time and getting my cousin his PB freshwater fish with that 33 pounder. We'll see ya again later this winter.  

coeboy1  (about fishing with Capt Ron)
I went with the great one a few months ago. Me and my family had a blast and cought a bunch of fish. you should have a great time!!  What ever you do dont wear a bikini!!!!!  




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